MAPS Working Group Meeting - May 11-13, 2016  Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA


The 2016 MAPS Working Group Meeting will be dedicated to the life and career of Dr. Claudia Alexander. Claudia was a graduate student of Tamas Gombosi at the University of Michigan, obtaining her PhD in 1993. She was a part of the outer planet community, leading the Galileo mission during its final years and participating on the Cassini Project Science Team for a number of years. We wish to dedicate this meeting to her life and her work.

Although we do not plan to have any time dedicated to talks about Claudia and her work, we will welcome remembrances. Our initial thoughts are that remembrances will take the form of posters and photos displayed during breaks. If you would like to participate through a poster or photos or if you have addition thoughts or ideas please contact us.

Remembrances can be found at:

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